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Happy Sunday!!

So, as I discussed on my last post, my goal for this year is to do be the best me I can be in all aspects of my life.  But, that being said, I still like to shop!! But, there’s ways to do it that can keep you from being the red while you do it!!  Here’s some pieces I picked up without breaking the bank!  And you can do this with low end and high end purchases- if you keep your eyes and ears open, you can find lots of good bargains- sometimes you just need a little patience.

IMG_6635      IMG_0171

Both of these super cute crop tops were bought on flash sales from Forever 21, which you can find out about if you are on their email list.  Both tops were also less than $15 each and upon close inspection, appear well made.  The material is sturdy and has some stretch, but isn’t flimsy.  I’m very happy with both of these!!

IMG_7385   IMG_7375    IMG_7167

These are just some a few of the examples of the amazing finds I have gotten at Express.  Every few months they have sales with 40-50% off of everything.  Usually, I wait until those sales to just go all out and get anything from work pants and shirts to fun tops and dresses.  The great thing too is that everything is a cinch to return if it doesn’t fit properly and has never been an issue for me.  Again, this is also a situation where I have been very happy with the materials and how the pieces were made.  When I wore the middle dress, I had people telling me that it looked like it cost several hundred, when I got it for a fraction of the price!

IMG_0077    IMG_7287   IMG_3188IMG_3656

About twice a year, several luxury brand stores will have sales of 40-50% off.  The dress on the left is from Pucci, the boots in the left middle are from Giuseppe Zanotti and the dress on the right middle was from Prada.  Lastly, the shorts on the right are from Valentino.  Another good thing about living in Vegas is the ready access to so many stores so I can keep an eye on items I like and when things go on sale.  I would definitely recommend on getting to know your local salespeople no matter what store you are shopping at because they can really be a great resource on helping to make sure that the pieces you want don’t slip through your fingers!

IMG_7257   IMG_6306 (1)

Last but not least, if you haven’t tried it before, I definitely recommend keeping on your radar.  They carry several different brands and often at up to 65% off, and occasionally more.  I’ve been very impressed with them and was very happy with the Jill Sander dress on the left and Stella McCartney dress on the right.

Where do you go to to find a bargain??? I’d love to hear about it!!! Have a great week and look forward to hearing from you soon!!

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