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Happy Ice Cream Day!!!

Yes,  it really is National Ice Cream Day!! As I was trying to think about what to write about for this week’s blog post, it suddenly struck me, why not try to create some of my favorite ice cream flavors and desserts both literally and with make up?  Here’s what I came up with… Hope you like it!!


This is my take on cookies and cream:


IMG_4561    IMG_4558     IMG_4557

For this I used OCC cosmetics Lip tar in white and Lip liner in white and Lime Crime white eyeliner liquid and of course, crusted Oreos…Yum!!!


This is chocolate chip cookie dough…

IMG_4569    IMG_4567     IMG_4562

For this I used Simplyluminouscosmetics gold and cut up chocolate chips..Yummy again!!!!

And last but not least, I baked a strawberry cake and drew a strawberry inspired lip…

IMG_4508    IMG_4548    IMG_4510   IMG_4554

The cake recipe I got off of the Food Network and it was pretty yummy if I say so myself!! 😉  The lip is a red and gold hybrid from House of Beauty

And for the cherry on top- no pun intended- I have this cherry printed halter top and circle skirt with cut outs at the hem and the mint lip is Lime Crime lip gloss.

IMG_4549     IMG_4540      IMG_4545

I hope you had a great National Ice Cream Day!! What inspires your make up and/or fashion choices?  I’d love to hear about it!!!

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