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Happy Sunday and Happy Father’s Day!!!

As I’m sure many of you are aware, EDC (the Electric Daisy Carnival) has been going on in Vegas this weekend, and with it comes bright colors, lots of music and an all around bright atmosphere!  Although I didn’t brave the crowds to go to the concert itself, I did use it as the source of inspiration for my post this week.

On Thurdsay, I went to an event downtown at Stitch Factory that had some really cool illuminated pieces that would bring the electricity to not only EDC, but also Halloween and possibly New Year’s as well- this is Vegas after all! 😛  Stitch Factory is a fashion studio that works with designers and the community to promote brand development, production and offers all kinds of classes and workshops.  I’m looking forward to checking some of those out!!

IMG_3767     IMG_3768    IMG_3770

I also met Ronnie Brust, the creator behind Illuminated Couture.  The pictures don’t give the pieces justice because the LED lights can change colors and patterns and are really fun and amazing!!! He makes all kinds of clothing from hats/headpieces, to bow ties, pocket squares, suspenders, boas, skirts and tops.  Below are some of the pieces that were at the event, but custom pieces are also available too.  You can follow them on instagram @illuminatedcouture.

IMG_3775         IMG_3772          IMG_3780


I usually do a very minimal lip when I am doing my make up, but recently, I have just been enthralled with the diversity and depth of colors that are available out there, so I took a dive and ordered 2 colors from Melt Cosmetics- Blitzed and Stupid Love and just had fun with them this is what I came up with!!!  Hope you like it!

IMG_3798       IMG_3799       IMG_3795        IMG_3796       IMG_3787     IMG_3797

For some of the ones on top, I also used this navy Chanel eyeliner as a lip pencil and this Shu Uemura gold eyeshadow on top for extra shimmer!

IMG_3811       IMG_3818         IMG_3860


IMG_3848                            IMG_3817

I also used this Chanel lip pencil  for the last 3 and again the gold eyeshadow in the last 2 pics as well.  But I gotta say,  I think I’m getting to like the bright lip!!!

What do you think?  Where to you like to make a bold statement with your makeup or fashion?  I would love to hear about it!!

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  1. Lisa Johnson says:

    I love the pink and red bright lipstick. It really brightens the face and is great for summer.

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