February Fashions

Happy Sunday!!!

Sorry for the irregular blog posting schedule, but hopefully you’ve been able to keep tabs on what I’ve been up to on my Instagram feed @lovinlivinfashion.    As I’ve been adjusting to a new job and just the craziness that the beginning of a new year brings, I have not been able to post as often as I would like.  But please don’t think I’ve forgotten about y’all!!

Changes of any kind can always be a little stressful, even when they are for a good reason because they take us out of our comfort zones.  However, I’ve really been trying to embrace it and also use it as a way to look at myself and see what I can do to make life run more smoothly.  I’ve also been trying to not let small things get to me, and to really take a step back and appreciate what life has to offer and how lucky I am to have the life and family I have.

That being said, these are some of the ways I was able to use fashion to appreciate life….


As I’m sure y’all have seen, I am not afraid of color.  The weather has been so nice in Vegas recently, that it feels like spring and I couldn’t help but wear bright pink in honor of that.  “Stupid Love” pink matte lipstick from Melt cosmetics gives a pretty pink punch of color and this flowy off-the-shoulder paisley printed blouse from Express is a fun addition to get ready for a colorful spring!

IMG_0771   IMG_0791     IMG_0801

On Saturday we went hiking as a family at Red Rock Canyon and although we got a little lost along the way, it was fun way to be active together, disconnect a little and just enjoy each other and our surroundings.  If you are in the Vegas area and haven’t checked it out, I highly recommend it!  It also made me remember how much stretching I need to do!!


Today, between wearing this flared skirt and the whimsy of the Oscars, I couldn’t help but remember when I used to take ballet classes and the poise and grace that I used to attempt to embody.  If I could, I think I would wear poofy skirts everyday!! ;P Pleasure Doing Business, who made this skirt is one of my favorite brands.  I have accumulated a few skirts and dresses and I love how they can make a poof adult appropriate and not “little girly” at all.

I can’t believe that this month is already almost over!! I also can’t wait to see what else this year has to come- it’s been a fun and busy one so far!  What does this year have in store for you?  Have you had any major changes happen in your life?  I look forward to hearing from you and hope to post again next week!

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